Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions about how Topgolf Gold Coast works? Learn more through our frequently asked questions.

Topgolf is the premier golf entertainment complex where the competition of sport meets your favourite local hangout. You can challenge your friends and family to addictive point-scoring golf games that anyone from the hopeful pro golfer to your neighbor’s 7-year-old kid can play year-round. Just picture a 190 metre outfield with dartboard-like targets in the ground. The closer to the center or “bull’s-eye” you get and the farther out you hit your microchipped balls, the more points you receive. Score even bigger with Topgolf’s extensive food and beverage menu that is sure to impress even the pickiest foodies. It’s not golf – it’s Topgolf. Give it a shot!

Topgolf is family friendly, so children are welcome at any time under adult supervision. The following restrictions are in place for the safety of our guests:

  • Guests aged 16 or under require a responsible adult, 18 or over, to enter Topgolf at any time.
  • Guests aged 18 or under need a responsible adult, 18 or over, to enter Topgolf after 5pm.

A responsible adult is identified as:

  • a parent
  • a step-parent or guardian
  • an adult who has 'parental rights, duties and responsibilities' in relation to the minor.

Topgolf is located on the corner of Roadshow Way and Entertainment Drive in Oxenford on the Gold Coast, right between Australian Outback Spectacular and Warner Bros. Movie World. Take Exit 60 on the M1 – parking is available.

Topgolf also offers a Shuttle service with complimentary local trips and $10 trips to and from Surfers Paradise and Broadbeach. Click here to learn more and to book your trip.

Topgolf balls know your name, but it’s the card that holds the value you purchased to play the games. Plus, the membership card keeps track of your score history from any game you’ve ever played.

Topgolf Gold Coast only offers reservations for guests booking parties and events. Guests wishing to play in smaller groups are welcomed on a walk-in basis. Plan your visit by checking out our location and opening hours.

Our technology is top secret, but the game itself is simple. Think of it like bowling or darts, but for golf! When it’s your turn, you hit a golf ball containing a personalized microchip into one of 11 targets ranging from 20 to 240 yards away. Every section of every target has a reader that detects the microchip in your clever golf ball. That reader computes your score based on the accuracy and distance of the shot and then sends the score to your bay screen. No pencil and paper needed to keep score in this game!

There’s nothing virtual about Topgolf! You use real clubs to hit regular golf balls onto our state-of-the-art outfield.

PS – If you want to play the best virtual game, download WGT Golf here.

The smartest people in the world! Actually, it was two dudes, brothers in fact, who were bored on a driving range in North London, England and wishing they could tell exactly how far and how close to the pin their shots were. “What if,” turned into “this is awesome!”

The Great Irony: the idea came from hardcore golfers looking to improve their game, but more than half of all Topgolf guests describe themselves as non-golfers. The concept appeals both to avid golf fans and brand-new players, several million and counting, who love how easy it is to play.

Do you like good food? Do you enjoy refreshing, cold beverages? How about hanging out with your mates while getting some fresh air? If your answer to any of these questions is yes, then you’ll have a great time at Topgolf. Most people who play the game don’t even call themselves “golfers.” Trust us, we’ve done extensive marketing research. Anyone can play and compete, so no need to be intimidated.

Nope, we’ve got plenty of clubs for adults (men and women) and kids. We even have clubs for the lefties. Want to know the best part? They’re free to rent. If you’re really serious about dominating the competition or just want to show off your golf bling, feel free to bring your own. We promise not to tease you.

Great question! The answer is yes. We have a number of games that will put your golf skills to the test. From chipping to driving, you’ll be able to improve every aspect of your game.

All of the above! The bays are climate-controlled with infrared heaters when it’s chilly and fans and cooling water misters when it’s a bit steamy. Oh, there’s also seating for up to six people in each bay and very friendly servers who will bring you tasty food and refreshing drinks.

Yes, but as such, we should tell you that drinking said tasty beverages will only make you play better – or at least make you think you’re playing better.

Yes, our Topgolf wait staff, more affectionately known as “Bay Hosts,” will take your order and deliver food and beverages directly to your hitting bay.

Absolutely! Fun experiences are best shared with others. From social parties to corporate outings and charitable fundraisers, we’ve got your back. Check out our Parties and Events page for all the information.

It would upset our executive chef (and you don’t want to upset our executive chef). Therefore, outside food and beverages are prohibited.

As much as we love dogs and other pets, the safety and comfort of our Guests and Associates is our biggest priority and must come first. With that in mind, Topgolf is a pet-free facility. Service animals aiding our Guests with a disability are permitted.

If your Topgolf playing card is lost, stolen or damaged, just stop by the Guest Services desk on your next visit, and we will replace it for a small fee of $1.

Topgolf does not issue any refunds on existing game credit.

At Topgolf, everyone’s safety is very important. Combining a few laughs, great food, and hours of Topgolf can create some epic memories. So for all parties involved, and we do mean parties, please follow these safety rules:

  • Obey all verbal and posted rules and instructions. Use common sense to protect yourself and others.
  • All players must hit from the mat at all times. No running starts (we all loved that movie too...) 
  • Only the person hitting a ball should stand beyond the red line. All other players should stand behind the red line at all times. Players are responsible for the safety of others around them and should always check their surroundings before swinging a club.
  • Aim for the targets at all times - how else are you going to score? Hitting golf balls over the boundary netting is prohibited, and all players are responsible for damages or injuries caused by any balls hit outside of the premises. (Topgolf balls report back to us when they’ve lost their way outside our nets…)
  • Throwing golf balls is prohibited.
  • Players must stay behind the yellow line at all times. Please take extra care when playing from upstairs bays.
  • Topgolf is not responsible for lost or stolen items

Topgolf is about having fun, let’s keep it that way, and Let’s Play.